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(1961) Kortfilmen, som Aho & Soldan framställde år 1961, presenterade den tioårige skolpojken Pekka för den internationella publiken. Den förtjusande färgfilmen tar tittaren till Helsingfors på vårvintern, från Kronohagem till Mejlans. Engelskspråkig, ingen textning.

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this is my hometown Helsinki the capital city of Finland it's quite big it spreads out to the parties to the items into the edge of the sea

what I did to my way to school now by the way my name is pick up

but I did get up already I do this 200 mornings again

any sign of a Snoop Dogg good, we wouldn't get anywhere without him and his blob

I'm driving along the side of them to streets getting away from traffic

the market starts at 8:08 I have to make do with a frozen apple has a list with others feared montages

Google is always waiting at the end of pictures with the way you get that can be made different everyday

you can go up

Oregon Trail along the main street again sometimes to reading sometimes too High Spirits

running a business trying to take your makeup off but I just had it

if you better get a move on that I might be late for school

Garden Ridge Robinson

golden again, just waking up people crowding and I bought something for the Township offices and shops opening the empty streets - coming alive

where were the first people to go to his school on time but he is still missing

at this time but it's cool one of the newest the children received four years compared to the elementary school in with another 4 years optional education of terminal cancer

knocked out running past not to start it

Facebook is about to begin

if it got me to talk to her any bad marks from the kitchen

well of course because he's annoying but you will get off my face she knows that they want to use one of your favorite subject

a man is not a populated country so you get very close to Nature and children really get to know the birds and animals of the Beds which do not paid for Facebooking her hair

what's the number for anything if he says he's going to the habits of the red squirrel and has the answers

Maps made more interesting by connecting figures with text practical examples of taking from everyday life

84 1/2 million the population of Finland that's a difficult thing to get right for 437000 the population of Helsinki

is breaking a promise from oxygenation papers later the pupils will correct each other's work

Miata Club the children game in appreciation of line and form through Rhythm and movement everyone is encouraged to use his imagination and never got together for some Indian traditions

pictures of really his picture is a red Cottage By the Sea and his self then off to fish a pipe dream of Summer


kannada which country extends far beyond the pericycle wear in the summer the song is this it was nice to see you form the natural Frontier

and that he's in town he think he is the largest of almost 40 times

but how well does it have forests which cover 70% of the total

but I came to show where you can find his country

Michael Jordan against when the premier without the date School in building some of intuition what is in kind of a gift for Municipal schools have existed here since 1867 today please provide free tuition textbooks and medical care and organize freeze on the holidays if parents can't afford them because of The Long Winter and schoolchildren Fremont summer holiday the two weeks of Christmas and the weeks went to skiing holidays

Progressive PT at school which causes giving skiing instructions on the better schools competing skiing contest

organs in case of any large city smokes and never very far from school

good winter provides many kinds of sports in amusement

police activity works up an appetite back at school at substantial meal is served at 11 o'clock because I was so good to see you too have a child

happy hotdog rye bread good for you and good for your teeth

GameStop from the teaching staff for Lexus of a cup of coffee there's always plenty to discuss as the education scheme is being considered developed during the past 20 years

mystery Babylon Fascinate picked up he moved to the Times May 13th Sunday

Rebecca school is. UK tional boys and girls take some classes with him today in The Finnish language jobs available starting that is subject to Future and visitation

and now it's time for the husband school play

final lesson of the day can be the greatest fan of all if you can't seem to make a noise in the orchestra has been running hard since 8 this morning but soon at 1 o'clock the school will be over for the day and thought some little thing like the afternoon will be his to do what he likes with

they said that's cool make sure he will have to decide whether he should continue in the terminal charges and whether you should try for infants program at school. Meanwhile on with the music

well that's what it's like to get up and go to school in Finland now you never told me and my school I think I'm sharing you too bye for now


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